3 Reasons To Paint Your Gym Walls Blue

Posted on: 6 November 2017


Having spent huge amounts of money buying or renting gym equipment, many gym owners are surprised to hear that something as simple as decor could be the difference between keeping and losing a patron. However, colour psychology can be a powerful tool in any business owner's arsenal. Before you call in a commercial painter, take a look at these 3 reasons why painting your gym walls blue will be good for your gym (and your profits).

It's a Cool Colour

For some workout enthusiasts, even the most high-end air conditioning system isn't enough to beat that feeling of overheating at the gym, particularly in the high Australian heat. Luckily, a lick of blue paint could help combat the mental side of feeling too hot while your AC tackles the physical end. Blue sits on the cool end of the colour spectrum, so it'll help trick your patrons' minds into thinking they're colder. This can help them extend their workout without feeling fed up and irritable. The more they workout, the more success they'll see, and the more they'll come back to maintain it.

It's a Productive Colour

On the subject of success, studies also indicate that the colour blue helps people get things done. Psychology research has shown that students and workers are more productive in blue rooms, so why not apply that theory to your gym to encourage your patrons to give it their all when working out? Painting the walls blue could keep gym goers motivated--especially if you use an invigorating bright and bold shade to help them through intense training.

It's a Gender-Neutral Colour

While men may have been the primary users of gyms in the past, nowadays a significant portion of your patrons will be women. That means you need to design a gym that isn't alienating to either gender. For that reason, you may want to avoid grey--while many men like it or are indifferent to it, 17% of women quote it as their least favourite colour. Likewise, while 23% of women say purple is their favourite colour, 22% of men hate it and no men would call it their favourite. Blue, on the other hand, is overwhelmingly the favourite colour of both genders; 57% of men and 35% of women say it's their favourite. Using blue as your wall colour will ensure that your gym doesn't come across as overly masculine or feminine, widening your pool of potential patrons.