• Wall Painting | 4 Nifty Colours To Impeccably Reflect Wood Furnishings

    If you've decided to introduce a myriad of wooden furnishings to your home, you'll need to think about wall painting colours that reflect them beautifully. Choosing the right painting colour could be the difference between a plainly attractive room and a decoratively phenomenal room. When you've got natural wood details strewn across different rooms in your home, use these nifty colour ideas for painting your walls. Creamy White Creamy white typically reflects a pearl or eggshell finish with a slight sheen, so it goes well with all light or dark wooden furnishing colours.
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  • 3 Ideal Paint Finishes For Your Kitchen Walls

    Choosing paint finishes is as intimidating as picking your colour scheme, but when you break down the facets of every room, you will find your selection task a whole lot simpler. Your kitchen is most likely subject to intense heat and moisture from cooking, so you'll want to restrict yourself to paint finishes that can withstand these extreme conditions. This guide is designed to help you identify ideal paint finishes for your kitchen walls.
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