3 Ideal Paint Finishes For Your Kitchen Walls

Posted on: 17 November 2015


Choosing paint finishes is as intimidating as picking your colour scheme, but when you break down the facets of every room, you will find your selection task a whole lot simpler. Your kitchen is most likely subject to intense heat and moisture from cooking, so you'll want to restrict yourself to paint finishes that can withstand these extreme conditions. This guide is designed to help you identify ideal paint finishes for your kitchen walls.

High-Gloss Paint Finish

Keep in mind paints with higher shines will be more durable and easier to clean. Apart from its durability, high-gloss paint is harder, more reflective and shinier than other types of paint –– making it an excellent paint finish for the kitchen. High-gloss paint finish is also a good choice for sticky fingers, so they also work well on doors and cabinets of kitchens. While a high-gloss sheen is highly durable, some people are not fond of the extra shiny effect for whole walls. It also shows imperfections more easily than others of finishes, so your painters need to be extra careful with their preparations. High-gloss paint finishes come in different colours, so you can match them to your kitchen easily.

Semi-Gloss Paint Finish

Semi-gloss paint finish is a great choice for kitchens with excess moisture and humidity because its higher gloss content means that it is durable, stain-resistant and moisture-proof. Semi-gloss paint finish tends to reflect light and has a pleasant gleam without being overly shiny, making it a worthwhile solution for kitchen walls. The high gloss content also means that it can easily be wiped and cleaned. You can choose from a variety of colours to resonate with your existing kitchen tone.

Satin Paint Finish

A satin finish also comes with a little bit of sheen, but not as much as high-gloss and semi-gloss paint finishes. Satin paint has an attractive lustre with a soft, glowing and velvety finish. Satin is extremely easy to clean, making it a good choice for stain-prone, high-traffic areas like kitchens. This type of paint finish is also resistant to mildew and mould and can be scrubbed without damage. Keep in mind that satin paint tends to expose application flaws like brush strokes, so you'll want your painters to be thorough with their painting job. The colours available for satin paint finishes are varied, so you'll have your pick when it comes to choosing a specific colour and finish.

Paint finishes with higher gloss content tend to be more durable and resilient –– use these ideal choices for your kitchen walls. For more information about your options, contact experienced painters in your area.