3 Benefits of Commercial Spray Painting

Posted on: 30 March 2022


Spray painting is quickly gaining traction because it's fast, versatile and delivers high-quality results. Also, this technique allows you to upgrade your facility's paint without spending too much money. 

Check out more reasons you should opt for spray painting over the conventional methods. 

Spray Painting Is Affordable

With the traditional brush, you will need a huge labour force to get the job done, which translates to high labour costs. You also take a long time to complete a single painting project. Worse still, you can easily miss crucial spots when painting by brush. 

Spray painting takes minimal work to execute flawlessly. Here, the spray machine does all the work and covers a larger surface faster — which means less downtime and lower cost for your commercial painting project. Furthermore, the painting machine releases paint as mist and not in liquid form like in brush painting, which makes the paint dry faster. 

Spray Painting Reduces Waste

Spray paint saves you plenty of waste. With liquid sprays, you can easily overspray a surface. You also experience endless drips and spills as you use a paintbrush. Such waste increases costs and makes the painting process relatively inefficient. 

Luckily, the spray-painting technique isn't wasteful because the paint stays in a canister during application. Unlike traditional hand-painting, you don't have to move the paint from the brush to the painting surface. The spray system uses a unique technique that keeps waste and overspray to a minimum.

Painters use a device to achieve a smooth finish. This device is highly accurate, boasts high efficiency and little wasted paint.

Spray Painting Is Versatile and Offers a Better Finish

Spraying systems can handle various liquid applications (like primers, paints and stains), which can be applied to multiple surfaces. You can easily cover plastic, fibreglass, metal, wood and other surfaces. So, you don't need to purchase additional equipment to perform different tasks.

Additionally, paint rollers and brushes are no match for a spray gun when it comes to painting precision. Firstly, the spraying technique doesn't splatter paint all over the place as brushes do. Also, you only need a single application to achieve a high-quality, smooth finish. So, re*sprays and touch-ups on the painting surface aren't necessary.

Furthermore, spray paint doesn't leave bumps or rough spots on the surface. A smooth surface is almost always a guarantee.

Don't forget to prepare the surface scheduled for painting properly before spraying. Contact a commercial painter to enjoy all the benefits spray painting offers.