Wall Painting | 4 Nifty Colours To Impeccably Reflect Wood Furnishings

Posted on: 17 November 2015


If you've decided to introduce a myriad of wooden furnishings to your home, you'll need to think about wall painting colours that reflect them beautifully. Choosing the right painting colour could be the difference between a plainly attractive room and a decoratively phenomenal room. When you've got natural wood details strewn across different rooms in your home, use these nifty colour ideas for painting your walls.

Creamy White

Creamy white typically reflects a pearl or eggshell finish with a slight sheen, so it goes well with all light or dark wooden furnishing colours. With its milky undertones, creamy white looks particularly attractive with amber-toned and honey wooden furnishings to give the room a soft and delicate appearance. Keep in mind that a little sheen on your walls will make cleaning easier, so you should ideally look for creamy white semi-gloss or satin paint for more durability.

Olive Green

Olive green wall painting presents an exceptional finish when paired with red, brown or light blonde shaded wooden furnishings. This soft and deep shade of green reflects a Mediterranean feel to the home and is well suited to all types of rooms. Green walls work particularly well in small rooms because it creates the impression of space with its neutral appearance. Once again, you'll want to choose paint with higher levels of sheen for easy cleaning and maintenance.  

Beige and Tan

Beige and tan look especially attractive when paired with light and dark wooden furnishings. Even if your furniture wood colours contrast with each other, you can bring the entire room together cohesively with a beige or tan wall painting finish. Beige and tan colours contrast nicely with all wooden colours to highlight their appearance. Warmer shades of beige and tan are typically suited to living rooms because of their deep and rich tones.


Grey is an all-time favourite when choosing wall painting colours for wooden details because of its versatile appeal. Grey looks perfectly at ease when paired with soft, weathered and blonde wooden tones. It also features a naturally richer finish when set against dark-toned wooden furnishings. Grey is a good choice for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms because it delivers pleasing eye-appeal for both casual and formal rooms. Lighter shades of grey tend to work better for opening up a room, while darker shades tend to make the room appear smaller.

When planning your wall painting to suit your wooden furnishings, use these nifty colour ideas for an impeccable preparation job. For more ideas, contact a local painting company.